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Brian Harris
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About Brian
Brian Harris is a versatile musical performer and entertainer. He received a B.A. Degree majoring in classical piano performance from the Hartt School of Music in Connecticut. Over the years he has built upon this foundation, developing his jazz improvisational technique, pop, rock and blues styling, as well as vocal technique. Versatility is a key part of who Brian is.
The chance Internet "meeting" between Brian and Jay Fuentes was truly a stroke of good fortune. The music of early Genesis is among the first music Brian ever truly loved, and as such it has always remained very special to him. However, besides playing a couple of Genesis tunes a fair number of years ago with one band, it was always "listening" music for him.
"I would put a Genesis CD on and just imagine playing it live on stage", says Brian. "But I KNEW it'd never be - I'd never play any of it with a band. Where would I ever find the people that would be dedicated enough to play this music that only too many people (unfortunately) don't know about? But then along came Jay. And Jeff, Bill, Roey and Mike. A team of people dedicated to Genesis!".
So after an audition which became essentially the first rehearsal of the newly re-formed Grand Parade, Brian is happy to be learning and playing music he's always loved just as a listener. "It's kind of like getting to go back in time and get the chance to date the cute girl in high school you never asked out", he says. "In a sense, a little bit of the magic of the music goes away when one actually learns the nuts & bolts of the chords, the lead lines, and Tony Banks' impressive style of playing in general. However, the magic of playing it - Genesis! - on stage to a live and appreciative audience is going to be one overwhelming and satisfying experience!".
Make no mistake, this is a musical project near and dear to his heart. Brian would love to see you at the show and talk with you in person, so please be sure to say hello!
You can hear a good deal of Brian's music at his website. From his "Piano Blogs" - improvisations (or "spontaneous compositions", if you will) to his CD "Different Sides" to covers of a wide range of artists, you'll get a good feel for what he's all about. He'd love to hear from you, and you can reach him at Brian@BrianHarrisMusic.net.